What are the benefits of being a BiltRx affiliate

  1. Increase revenue by up to 30%
  2. Access a data driven wellness ecosystem to monitor client progress
  3. Track your client benefits from products and services used
  4. Turn key fitness and wellness reporting system integrated with all major fitness devices (including the Apple Watch, Peloton, FitBit, many others)
  5. Your clients are able to access a concierge level of service to support their health and fitness journey
  6. Faster and better results from using prescription products scientifically proven to improve and enhance results
Who can become a BiltRx affiliate
  1. Fitness professionals
  2. Health and fitness bloggers
  3. Training centers
  4. Wellness centers
  5. Gyms
How it Works
  1. Register a new account using the form below
  2. We will review your submission within 48 hours
  3. If approved, we will contact you for priority onboarding
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