Joe Duarte, BiltRx Founder

With over 20 years of experience in the gym industry, Joe Duarte is an athlete and entrepreneur, who co-founded and owned gyms including The Complex Training Center. Joe was also a combat veteran having served a combined two years of duty in Iraq.

Pro Athlete and Two Time Champion

As a former professional athlete and 2x MMA champion, Joe knows what it takes to achieve peak performance; To be in the best shape possible.

Growing up with asthma meant Joe needed to work twice as hard as everyone else to compete. So, he decided to take advantage of every possible cutting edge and innovative process. As an early adopter and professional athlete, he could leverage science and world-class facilities to get to the highest levels of performance, agility, fitness, and recovery.

During Joe’s fighting career he studied at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and attended business school while maintaining a rigorous training schedule. Prior to graduating, he resigned with Bellator MMA after years signed with Strikeforce. Joe fought one last time after a year long layoff, he realized that the fire to fight for a living was no longer there. With a couple fights left on his contract he decided to hang up the gloves and move full time into business ventures. Joe had a desire to help people with the knowledge learned from training and  competing at a world class level.

As a former gym owner and competitive athlete, he knows how frustrating it can be to help and motivate clients, especially when progress is slow. For a lot of people, transformation is a painful process, so they quit.

Where Fitness Meets Sports Science 

BiltRx was born out of a need to make the process of transformation as easy and painless as possible. With access to a national network of health and medical experts, fitness professionals can use BiltRx to drive client results never thought possible. Through cutting edge prescription medicines and the power of sports science, BiltRx is a platform specifically designed to take your members to the next level of performance, strength, agility, and fitness.